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Community Service

The Community Service Cluster consists of community service clubs that look to improve the welfare of the community by supporting and spearheading community service projects.

This provides the SMU student population with multiple platforms to reach out and serve various communities in our society. Such clubs include SMU Uni-Y, SMU Ember, SMU Caretalyst, SMU Youth Mentors, SMU Red Cross and SMU Rotaract.
SMU Youth Mentors Logo.png
SMU Youth Mentors

Aspire to Inspire
SMU Youth Mentors aims to establish a credible, adaptive, and holistic mentoring community beyond academia.

SMU Caretalyst

Educate, Encourage and Empower
SMU Caretalyst aims to educate, encourage and empower future leaders to make a difference in the community through meeting real social needs.

SMU Ember

Lighting up lives as one
SMU Ember provides opportunities for our students to serve the community and build relationships through our 2 main CSP Projects, Project Filos and Project TYA. 

SMU Red Cross

Serving humanity. Saving lives. 
SMU Red Cross is dedicated to relieving human suffering, protecting human lives and dignity while responding to emergencies. 

SMU Rotaract

Fellowship through Service
SMU Rotaract is a youth development club which emphasizes on Service, Outreach, Fellowship and Servant Leadership.

SMU Uni-Y.webp

A community serving communities
To develop and empower youth to be servant leaders who will impact our local and international communities.

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