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The Lifestyle cluster comprises of clubs which promote a myriad of lifestyle options to SMU students ranging from fine dining to healthy living.
The clubs in this cluster include SMU Barworks, SMU Gourmet Club, SMU Recreational Fishing, SMU Wine Appreciation Club, SMU FitnessWorks and SMU Mixed Martial Arts Club.
SMU Recreational Fishing Club

More than just a hobby
SMU Recreational Fishing Club is a close-knit community of SMU students welcoming seasoned and new anglers alike.

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SMU Mixed
Martial Arts

Fight for Family
SMU Mixed Martial Arts is a recreational CCA where its members can expect to learn various self-defence art forms including Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a fun way.

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SMU Wine Appreciation Club

Appreciating the finer nodes in life
SMU Wine Appreciation Club engages students to appreciate wine’s rich tapestry through our wine education workshops conducted by professional sommeliers.

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SMU Gourmet Club

Good Food, Better Company
Chartered in 2005, SMU Gourmet Club is committed to providing affordable gourmet food deals for students during their stay in SMU.

SMU Barworks

Mix. Create. Appreciate.
Founded in 2009, SMU Barworks is SMU’s one and only cocktail mixing and appreciation club. 

SMU Fitnessworks

Discover a better mind and body.
SMU Fitnessworks aims to foster a thriving fitness culture in SMU through sharing knowledge and inspiring healthier lifestyles.

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