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Personal Development

Personal Development cluster consists of clubs which seek to nurture and enhance the soft skills of SMU students by providing numerous opportunities for personal growth and development.

The clubs in this cluster include SMU Toastmasters, SMU Debating Society, SMU Real Business, SMU AIESEC and SMU Conjunct Consulting.

Activating Youth
Leadership Since 1948

SMU AIESEC (pronounced eye-sek) is a global organisation run by youth, for youth.

SMU Real Business

Planting the Seeds of Entrepreneurship
Real Business is the most accessible entrepreneurship club in SMU that aims to support and equip budding entrepreneurs within the SMU community.

SMU Toastmasters

Where Leaders are Made
SMU Toastmasters is the official public speaking club of SMU. 

logo_0015_Debate Logo (Transparent).png
SMU Debating Society

The art of spoken combat.
SMU Debating Society is a family of like-minded individuals who challenge our ideas and engage in verbal discourse.

SMU Conjunct Consulting

Strategy with a Heart
SMU Conjunct Consulting is Southeast Asia’s first social change consultancy.

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