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SI Clubs


SMU Strategica

Never bored with board games!
Strategica is SMU's premiere board game club. We invite all students to join us in our after school weekly board game sessions students to chill out and relax.

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SMU I - Sports

Wire your Heart | Ignite your Soul | Train your Mind | Show your Hand
SMU Intellectual Sports (I-Sports) is home to games like Riichi Mahjong, Texas Hold’em Poker and Word Games. These games are a true test of one’s logical reasoning skills.


SMU eSports

We put the fire in friendly fire!
SMU eSports is a student interest club that focuses on building a community of gamers in SMU as they come together to play a variety of casual and competitive games.


SMU Recreational Fishing Club

More than just a hobby
SMU Recreational Fishing (SMURF) is a close-knit community of SMU students welcoming seasoned and new anglers alike.

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Gourmet Club

Good Food, Better Company
Chartered in 2005, Gourmet Club is committed to providing affordable gourmet food deals for students during their stay in SMU.

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SMU Mixed Martial Arts

Fight for Family
SMU MMA is a recreational CCA where its members can expect to learn various self-defence art forms including muay thai and BJJ in a fun way.



Mix. Create. Appreciate.
Founded in 2009, Barworks is SMU’s one and only cocktail mixing and appreciation club. 

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Wine Appreciation Club

Appreciating the finer nodes in life
Wine Appreciation Club engages students to appreciate wine’s rich tapestry through our wine education workshops conducted by professional sommeliers.



Discover a better mind and body.
Fitnessworks aims to foster a thriving fitness culture in SMU through sharing knowledge and inspiring healthier lifestyles.



Activating Youth
Leadership Since 1948

AIESEC (pronounced eye-sek) is a global organisation run by youth, for youth.


Toastmasters International

Where Leaders are Made
SMU Toastmasters is the official public speaking club of SMU. 

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Debating Society

The art of spoken combat.
SMU Debating Society is a family of like-minded individuals who challenge our ideas and engage in verbal discourse.


Real Business

Planting the Seeds of Entrepreneurship
Real Business is the most accessible entrepreneurship club in SMU that aims to support and equip budding entrepreneurs within the SMU community.


Conjunct Consulting

Strategy with a Heart
Conjunct Consulting is Southeast Asia’s first social change consultancy.

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