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Signature Events

Learn more about our them and join us in our next event!
SICS Freshmen Summer Programme

This year's SICS freshmen summer programme - SICS Revival - is our first physical event in 2 years!


SICS Week aims to showcase and spread awareness of the clubs under SICS to the SMU student through various fun activities and rewards!

SMOO Challenge Logo 2021.png
SMOO Challenge

Launched in September 2020, SMOO Challenge was a virtual run that united the entire community, boosted mental and physical wellness and raised funds for underprivileged students!

SICS Purple Outreach Logo.jpeg
SICS Purple Outreach

We partner with Mountbatten Vocational School (MVS) to help youths with disabilities realize their value and importance in our society through a series of weekly outreach events!

SICS Welfare Drive IGPOST_edited.jpg
SICS Welfare Drive

We aim to encourage students for their upcoming finals and energize them with our welfare goodies in our welfare drives!

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