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SMU Debating Society

The art of spoken combat.
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Our Story

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SMU Debating Society is a family of like-minded individuals who challenge our ideas and engage in verbal discourse. Representing SMU in debating tournaments, we train hard together to succeed in competitions and also introduce new debaters to this sport. Together, we’re a fun group striving to better ourselves in the sport and bond with fellow SMU debaters.

Join us for our weekly training sessions as a debater or judge, represent SMU at tournaments from the local to international circuits, or play a part in organising our flagship debating tournaments: SMU Hammers and SMU BP Inter-Varsity Debating Championship!

Notable Achievements


Borneo British Parliamentary Debate Championship 2021
(Octofinalists, 9th Best Novice Speaker)

Organized by UNIMIAS Debating Society in Borneo, the tournament provided our debaters an opportunity to pit their wits against various varsity teams in Southeast Asia and beyond.


SHEL-NTU Inter-Varsity Energy Transition Debate Championships 2021
(Champions, Overall Best Speaker)


The Shell-NTU Inter-varsity Energy Transition Debate is a tournament jointly organized by NTU and SHELL, with an emphasis on the opportunities in Singapore’s energy transition journey.


NTU Pro-Ams Debating Championships


With a view of developing our new intake, SMUDS sent a team to NTU Pro-Ams Debating Championships, which provides an opportunity for new novice debaters to pair up with experienced debaters.


UMSU International Debate Open 2021
(Grand Finalists, Pre-Semifinalists)


Organized by UMSU Indonesia, SMUDS sent 4 teams that saw our debaters take on top teams from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Japan.


Asia e-Debate Challenge 2021


The Asia e-Debate Challenge attracted world-class debaters from all across Asia and served as a preparatory tournament for the upcoming Asian Championships.


Ganesha Debate Open 2021


Ganesha Debate Open saw our members pit their wits against top debaters in Malaysia and Indonesia in their preparation for the upcoming World Championships.


Peking University Pro-Ams Debate Championship 2021 Semifinalists
(Semifinalists, Overall Best Speaker and 3rd Best Novice Speaker)


Organized by Peking University, the Peking University Pro-Ams offered SMUDS an opportunity for seasoned debaters to compete with and guide our novice debaters in the Northeast Asian circuit.


Malaysia British Parliamentary Debating Championships 2021
(Semifinalists, 8th Best Speaker)


The Malaysia British Parliamentary Debating Championships saw our debaters take on the top debaters from all across Asia.


World Universities Debating Championships


The World Universities Debating Championships is dubbed the “World Championships” of debating. This year, we are proud to have sent 2 teams of debaters to the Championships.

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