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SMU People for Animal Welfare

Voice for the voiceless
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Our Story

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SMU People for Animal Welfare (PAW) is dedicated to fostering love for animals, promoting responsible pet ownership and adoption, and preventing animal cruelty among the SMU community and the general public. This is achieved by organising events and gatherings, conducting volunteering programmes, and collaborating with various animal welfare groups to provide various opportunities that promote learning and discussion of animal welfare topics.

Notable Achievements


Reaching new heights with SPAD2021

Through 2021, SMU PAW has conducted a series of fresh new initiatives - from supporting our older pets to the launch of our new interactive website,! The annual signature event, SMU PAW Animal Day, discussed broader issues surrounding animal testing, veganism, etc., combined with a dynamic fundraiser which included a thrift store and SPAD-exclusive merchandise. SMU PAW has reached new heights in its involvement in the broader local animal welfare scene and is glad to have established greater ties with organizations such as the Jane Gooddall Institute and various animal welfare groups.

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