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SMU Strategica

Never bored with board games!

Our Story

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Strategica is SMU's premiere board game club. We invite all students to join us in our after school weekly board game sessions students to chill out and relax. Board games sharpen critical thinking skills as players create unique strategies that lead to victory. From the avid puzzle-solver to the casual gamer, our wide variety of games will surely excite any player. Afraid of being a ‘noob’ or burden in the game? Not to worry! Strategica also provides tutorials and teaching aids to help ease you into the basics. Let us forge new friendships as we explore new games together!

Featured Games/ Top Favourites:


Avalon - A game of hidden loyalty where you must conceal your identity while choosing your teammates wisely.


Splendor - A game where players compete to collect the most prestige points, earned by acquiring development cards and earning the nobility's respect.

Codename - Divided into two teams, the team leaders must lead their teams to the final victory. The leader should prompt according to the words and let its team to find out their responding colours in order to win.


Deception - A battle of wits, where players take on roles of investigators attempting to solve a murder case with a twist. The killer is one of the investigators! Attempt to deduce the truth and win.


Sushi Go - A super-fast game Sushi Go! You are eating at a restaurant and trying to grab the best combination as dishes whiz by.

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