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A community serving communities
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Our Story

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How do we achieve our mission?

SMU Uni-Y is a community that stands to champion and develop youth to stand up and be counted as independent and effective contributors to an inclusive society. As a community, we serve both local and international communities through various volunteering programmes and initiatives for underprivileged children, youth-at-risk, youth mental wellness, and the migrant worker community.


We aim to be a strong foundational platform for university youths to grow in both tangible and intangible skills and be raised as a generation of leaders can be expected. Skills-building such as peer mentoring, facilitation and first aid training will be incorporated to empower each member in the CCA.


What makes Uni-Y unique?

We believe that community service can be as simple as blessing the community closest to us. Through our encouragement drive, #ShareYourSmile, we hope to inspire SMU students to bless their peers using a simple word of encouragement. More than that, Uni-Y also serves as a platform for Christian youths with a passion to serve and put their faith into action. Nonetheless, as a community serving communities, we are open to people from all walks of life and are more than happy to welcome you into our community!

Notable Achievements


SMU Excellence in Student Life Gold Award 2021 (Special Interest and Adventure)

SMU Uni-Y was conferred the SMU Excellence in Student Life award of the highest tier in recognition of the club's excellence, proficiencies and contributions to student life in the Special Interest and Adventure category.


SICS Excellence Club Award

SMU Uni-Y was awarded the SICS Excellence Club Award for the club's consistency and achievement in Finance, Safety, and Branding, whilst upholding excellence in various assessment criteria such as operations, communication and new initiatives.

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