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SMU Verts

For a greener tomorrow

Our Story

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Founded in 2002, SMU Verts is Singapore Management University's official environmental sustainability club that promotes environmental responsibility and empowers individuals to do their part for the environment through exciting events and sustainable practices. Our mission is to encourage our community to be environmentally responsible and to live a sustainable lifestyle. We organise events such as recycling drives, vegan picnics and upcycling workshops.

Notable Achievements


SICS Excellence Club Award (2020)

SMU Verts received the excellence award for our strong ability in maintaining the 3 non-negotiables of Finance, Safety and Branding, alongside our excellence in communication and implementation of new initiatives to promote sustainability among our members and the SMU population.


Feature on Mothership

SMU Verts’ successful collaboration with PUB in hosting events to commemorate World Water Day 2021 was featured on The World Water Day talk focused on raising awareness about water conservation and its importance. This publication on a news outlet reflects our resilience and capability to promote environmental conservation within and without the SMU community.

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