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SMU Youth Mentors

Aspire to Inspire
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Our Story

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SMU Youth Mentors have been established since 2002 and are currently under the Special Interest and Community Service Club of SMU. Since our inception, we have been working together with SMU students to enrich the lives of mentees through collaboration with educational institutions and several welfare centers. Moving forward, we hope to incorporate non-academic mentoring into our programmes to create more holistic development for our beneficiaries.


Throughout the year, we conduct mentoring sessions weekly at our various centers. Our club emphasizes and inculcates commitment and continuity from our mentors to their mentees. Through these weekly sessions, we aim to motivate, impart knowledge and share life experiences with the students so that they can grow their interest in learning and be enterprising young leaders in future. We are also driven to teach, help, educate and provide guidance to mentees in the area of both academic and personal development.


SMU Youth Mentors holds weekly mentoring sessions at several subsidiaries and centers around Singapore. Some of the mentees stem from lower income or disadvantaged families. However, we believe that children should not be deprived of knowledge and guidance. Every week, our mentors go down to these centers to impart knowledge and coach students academically. Our mentors provide guidance to their mentees not only in both areas of academic and personal development. We aim to instill in our mentors a sense of continuity and giving through these weekly mentoring sessions. 

Notable Achievements

Maintained Partnership with 3 schools

Youth Mentors have successfully maintained partnership with 3 secondary schools (Bedok View Secondary School, Kent Ridge Secondary School & North Vista Secondary School). YM volunteers in these 3 schools and offers a weekly mentorship program that provides students with holistic development through the help of SMU mentors guiding the students in their academic journey and providing support in various ways.

Youth Mentors has also been nominated by teachers of KRSS for the KRSS Partnership Award as a form of gratitude to our mentors in putting in effort to nurture their students.

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