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Social Causes

The Social Causes cluster consists of clubs which contribute to a particular social cause of their choice, to social entrepreneurship.
Causes promoted range from animal welfare, women’s rights and environmental conservation by SMU People for Animal Welfare, SMU Women's Connection and SMU Verts.
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SMU People for Animal Welfare

Voice for the voiceless
SMU People for Animal Welfare is dedicated to fostering love for animals, promoting responsible pet ownership and adoption, and preventing animal cruelty among the SMU community and the general public.

SMU Women's Connection

Advocating empowerment
and equality for all

SMU Women's Connection strives to bring like-minded, aspiring individuals together for networking and enriching social interactions to positively impact the community as a whole.

SMU Verts

For a greener tomorrow
Founded in 2002, SMU verts is Singapore Management's official student platform for engaging in eco-friendly and sustainable activities. 

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