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Social Gaming

The Social Gaming cluster promotes card games, board games and computer games for both recreational and competitive purposes and also provide opportunities for gaming enthusiasts to nurture their skills. Most importantly, the cluster provides various activities for all SMU students to come together to have fun. 
The clubs in this cluster are SMU Strategica,  SMU eSports and SMU I-Sports.
SMU Strategica

Never bored with board games!
SMU Strategica is SMU's premiere board game club. We invite all students to join us in our after school weekly board game sessions students to chill out and relax.

SMU I-Sports Logo.png
SMU I - Sports

Wire your Heart | Ignite your Soul |
Train your Mind | Show your Hand

SMU Intellectual Sports (I-Sports) is home to games like Riichi Mahjong, Texas Hold’em Poker and Word Games. These games are a true test of one’s logical reasoning skills.

SMU eSports

We put the fire in friendly fire!
SMU eSports is a student interest club that focuses on building a community of gamers in SMU as they come together to play a variety of casual and competitive games.

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